Month: May 2018

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Tired of being the “IT” Person for your Office?

If you own or manage a company with about 5-25 employees, then you probably have assumed the unwanted position of “IT” person for the company. Really not what you ant to do do, or was hired to do. It somehow just becomes your problem because you know a little about it. It’s a distraction from…
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Research Show 82% of Security Breaches start with Users

Research has now verified what most of us in the IT support business know; end user error is the key to security lapses. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not picking on the end users. In fact, the one thing I’ve been a long time advocate for is end user training for cyber-security basics. If this…
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Hurricane Season is coming! Were You Down During Harvey?

We here in Houston dealt with 2 devastating storms last year that produced 36″ of rain last Spring and 54″ of rain last Summer. These storms affected 80% of the residences and businesses in Houston and the surrounding areas. Many I know are still dealing with having repairs from Harvey completed. Are you ready for…
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