Month: June 2018

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A Challenge to Small Business Owners

Last week I wrote an article titled “Why are you still buying computers for your office?“. It turned a few heads and has generated some questions from readers. I have owned and operated 4 businesses over my career and learned some hard lessons along the way. I wish the technology we have today was around back…
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Why are you still buying computers for your office?

Weird question right? Not really. I just got out of a meeting with a medical office administrator that manages 6 offices and a surgical center here in Houston. They are looking for ways to cut costs for their business. I had 4 questions that really got their attention afterward: How many IT employees do you…
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Is Your Router Spying on You?

A quick answer. Probably. Millions of retail and commercial routers have been compromised by a Russian malware called VPNFilter. According to the FBI, the amount of infected routers is way more than originally thought when they first released the warnings. According to a new report from security firm Cisco Talos, the VPNFilter malware is “targeting more…
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