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D. Robert Trembath, CEO/CTO/Managing Partner

As a co-founder of Spectrum 360 Technology Group LLC in 2009, Robert has lead this company to be class leader in customer service satisfaction. He has helped us stay true to our goal of keeping a customer-first mentality that ensures long-term client relationships. With 27 years of experience in the many IT areas, he has found the most joy helping small businesses attain and keep profitability through the effective use of technology.

We founded his first company Internet Development Corporation in 1993 with Ed Sherman, the CEO of FINDIT. This company was recognized nationally by Time Magazine in 1995 for building the 3rd largest Automotive website to purchase automobiles via the Internet. He also designed  and built Mazda Motor of America’s first website, Mazdausa.com, and developed websites for more than 335 automotive dealers in 13 states. In 1997, IDC became Auto-by-Tel’s first corporate acquisition after receiving more than 20 million in funding from GE Capital. Robert stayed on as President of the newly formed company DealerSItes.com and supervised the installation of the server redundancy project for Auto-by-Tel’s technology here in Houston, Texas.

Later, as a Technology Consultant and Network Engineer, Robert worked on many projects including kiosk design, brand development, web applications and KVM over IP data-center implementations on 2 continents for Dell. He also helped implement technology solutions for El Paso Energy and Enron.

He later worked on proprietary DNA matching systems as Chief Software Engineer(CSO) at Bacterial BarCodes Inc., a spin-off from Baylor College of Medicine. Using Open Source Technology and a limited budget, he worked with DNA scientists there and very talented students in mathematics from Rice University to build a custom web-based DNA matching engine that could match and classify similarities in DNA on-line using Agilent Technologies hardware. The software interface, database design, and functional concepts were created by Robert and implemented using Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP), as well as a specialized interface with R, an open source statistical and scientific math software solution. He also helped design the server and storage infrastructure solution that included a high-availability stack and complete redundancy for HIPPA and FDA compliance. It was later validated by engineers from Koke Ventures who later provided millions in series B funding based on those validations.

In 2004, Robert was approached by executives in CBeyond Communications and told about their Top Shelf Partner program program. He was invited to become a partner in Houston and possibly Chicago. That was when Robert decided to team up with Root Consulting based in Chicago with office here in Houston. Within 120 days, he helped secure contracts for both markets. By 2008, Root Consulting had become a Top Shelf Partner for CBeyond Communications in 6 markets. Robert was asked to became CTO for Root Consulting nationally in 2005, but left the company to start Spectrum 360 Technology Group in September of 2009. He developed an appreciation for small business owners and enjoys working with small businesses.


Kevin Lemons, Managing Partner/Field Services Manager

His love of computers comes from working on my mother’s IBM Display Writer in the late 1980s to early 1990s. I started working in the IT department of Alvin Community College, first as a student worker and then part time as the lead technician in the Distance Education laptop loan program, handling inventory and repairs of all the laptops and desktops in the $750,000 grant funded program. My position at the college was terminated at the end of the grant.

H performed contract jobs until the CTO at Root Consulting hired him over a phone interview for his knowledge of laptop repairs. At Root Consulting, he primarily worked under the office manager as an installer of T1 circuits for CBeyond (and a few other providers), phone and camera systems, and network cabling. He enjoyed it in the beginning because he was learning new skills but he became so good at it that he soon  became their best installer so they kept him very busy doing installs instead of maintaining and repairing computers which he was hired for. The CTO tried to keep him in his field of interest repairing computers but the office manager didn’t want to relinquish him because he was her best installer. He was preparing to leave the company at the end of the year when the CTO who left a few months earlier approached me with a partnership proposal for a new IT company he started.

Besides being a managing partner, I’ve expanded my role as needed to server and network maintenance. This soon become my primary role as Field Services Manager as well as improving my customer service skills.



Eric Foster, Customer Service Technician

Eric is a newer addition to our team and has been with us for more than 2 years now. He came to us with great drive, strong customer service skills, and willingness to learn the business. He has since achieved his A+ certifications as well as all 3 certifications from RingCentral. He has a great attitude great customer service skills and knows his job well. He is continuing to train for his Microsoft certifications now.

Eric was always strong in customer service, but has proved to be a great communicator as well. He now performs 95% of our weekly on-site walk-through visits and is very well liked by our entire client base. We hope you get the chance to see him as well!


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