The Age of a Server Free Office, More issues with patches for CPU flaws & What tech benefits you most?

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The Age of a Server Free Office, More issues with patches for CPU flaws & What tech benefits you most?

Are we finally at the point where we no longer need a server on premises for small businesses? When I first started my venture in to technology, programing basis and learning HTML in the early 80’s, Microsoft was starting to push the old Main Frame and Thin Client systems out of small business offices and Novell was the standard in many businesses and schools.

Then came Windows 2000 and the introduction of Active Directory, Microsoft’s way to bring the Internet Domain structure into it’s operating system and create a way for multi-location¬† businesses to easily integrate branches and departments while maintaining security¬† administration in a central location.

Now with Cloud services and cheap bandwidth, we can do it all through the internet, and have all our business data tucked away in a secure, high availability data center using IaaS, AaaS, or CaaS. If you have a tablet, phone, laptop or thin client, you can work from anywhere you have a decent Internet Connection. For the readers who look at those abbreviations and scratch your head, they stand for Infrastructure as a Service, Applications as a Service, and Cloud as a Service. Each do different things and allow companies to have an amount of control they are comfortable with while utilizing the Cloud. We have finally arrived at the age of the server-less office.

If you use Office365, Dropbox, Google Office, iCloud, Remote Desktop Services(RDP), Azure or an array of other services, you are already on your way to ending the life for your local server. Many businesses are turning to the Cloud because of Mother Nature’s war on the world of late. Just this last year in the US we have had to contend with Hurricanes, Severe Storms, Mud Slides and Massive Forest Fires that have caused billions of dollars of business and person loss. Having your server at your office is not as save as it used to be. That coupled with the fact that most small businesses do not backup their data off-site has contributed to a large number of businesses failing soon after one of these disasters.

With new technologies emerging and becoming more available at affordable price points, any business can be entirely Cloud based. In fact, it will save you money, provide a more secure solution and eliminate upgrade costs. If you are starting a new business, you need to use a Cloud solution and save your money to use on marketing to grow your business instead. Using a Cloud solution for the average small business; say ten employees that each need a workstation with Microsoft Office, Exchange, Quickbooks and other applications, can save thousands in the first three years alone. Don’t spend a dime on hardware or software if you are in the position of a major hardware or software upgrade either until you take a look at Cloud solutions¬† and get a solution designed specifically for your business. Look before you leap!

More Issues with Patches for Spectre and Meltdown

Microsoft has undone and held back some of the recent patches for Spectre and Meltdown issues due to system instabilities caused by these patches. Vendors are performing testing on the ones released so far and finding many issues with system stability; ranging from frequent random reboots to being unbootable altogether. I write about this topic every week in this blog because it is one of the largest security issues faced in our time. It affects every almost every device that touches the internet. You should always patch your devices through updates released by manufacturers, but I would wait a day or two to check technology news sources for news about issues with just released patches and affected hardware.

What Tech Do You Use the Most?

I was recently asked this question and I really had to think about the one that I use the most. The one that has made my life easier.

My answer: My iPad Pro 12″ with 4G LTE

Why: I have instant access to everything from my desktop to industry news. All the applications I use for work including Microsoft Office have apps that allow me to work anywhere quickly. Not to mention the battery life is great! I very rarely use my laptop anymore.

What about you? What tech do you use the most and how does it help you?

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