Why Managed Communications is Better

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Sometimes we have to ask questions to get important answers

  1. Are you tired of buying equipment and software you don’t know how to use?
  2. Is training provided as part of your existing service?
  3. Do you have to pay every time your phone vendor touches your system?
  4. Does your current provider stand guarantee uptime?
  5. Are your phone vendor and service provider different companies?
  6. Do they tend to push the blame for issues to each other while you pay both?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to consider a company that supplies the entire solution, not many companies that sell a piece of the solution. We save companies money every time we compare.

With Spectrum 360’s VoIP360 service, we cover your service end-to-end. We stand behind the devices and the service to guarantee 99.999% uptime for your company.

Mobile Application Features Include

We also give you expanded capabilities that enable you to maximize the value of your existing smartphones through our mobile apps.

Call Recording Cloud
Conference Calls
Enterprise Contacts
Mobile O?ce Extensions
Support for Soft phones
Visual Voicemail with -
Voice to Text



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